The Technologies In Use 

MAG Integration uses infrastructure technology based on an integration and development platform in the same environment by using Magic, .NET, and PHP technologies.
The user of these three technologies ensures productivity and an operational platform whose efficiency is beyond comparison.

Often, when business processes change within an organization, you look for sharing information among systems and several user interfaces and terminals.  MAG Integration has the expertise and the technological solutions which will provide you all the tools needed to link the systems and data in your organization.  Thus, you can adapt to all the changes and demands of your organization. 

Magic Software enterprise is an international software editor and a well-known supplier of state-of-the-art platforms for the integration, the development of business applications and enterprise mobility.

Founded in 1983, the company is now present on every continent with 24 regional offices and thousands of implementations worldwide. Magic closely collaborates over a thousand business Partners in over 50 countries and Mag Integration is proud to be part of it.

Since 2000, Mag Integration has been a MAGIC software certified company.

With Magic, our customers benefit from an expertise and a know-how to access high technology and performing applications.

Our solutions enable a perfect adaptation to the requirements of your applications, now independant of the operating system, the data base and the material platforms thanks to a unique applicative platform.

Your benefits 

  1. Access to accurate, reliable and condensed information to ease the decision-making
  2. A cost decrease due to the integration of improved processes in current applications
  3. Improved staff efficiency and satisfaction with the use of software
  4. A real Return On Investment

A Simplified Approach

The development or integration of new systems gives rise to many questions:

Understanding the business process
Connectivity regarding the server
Scalability of applications
Compatibility with earlier systems
Support for multiple interfaces « Responsive »

With Magic’s development environment, MAG Integration can definitely ensure a drastic reduction in the complexity of your projects.  By reusing the existing code instead of creating new ones, you increase the productivity of the integration and development of your new applications.

Logical Programming 

Our technological choices allow us to avoid complexity at the levels of development and integration. Since Magic is a rule-based technology, it is easy and quick to create a prototype based on the objectives and the operating requirements. Thus, efforts are directed towards the goal of the project, and not focused on the technical means necessary to reach it. Moreover, a considerable amount of time is saved and the organization remains competitive cost-wise in terms of implementation.


In a platform based on metadata, the logic behind the application is defined by means of properties, rules and parameters stored in a data-stocked warehouse. The warehouse also includes all the components of the application, such as the business logic, forms and data processing. Because the metadata is independent from the platform, the metadata engine can operate with multiple servers and client platforms. It can thus run a given application, regardless of the technology or underlying architecture.
The development based on metadata is highly structured and completely code free, thus decreasing the efforts exerted at the development and deployment stages by eliminating the risk of human error and repetitive actions, such as compiling or data linking. Using a data-stocked warehouse contributes to sound project management regardless of complexity. The maintenance of applications developed by large teams is thereby facilitated. 

Scalable Architecture

The scalability of a system is considered essential at MAG’s. A system can be developed for a single user up to thousands of users, regardless of the architecture of the server manager. Our servers ensure that resource management is maximized. Consequently, we can ensure that your application will function at an optimal level and according to your specific requirements.
Moreover, since the tools used are based on metadata, the configuration of the architecture follows a centralized approach, which provides operational reliability as well as continued operation ensuring complete security.

Sustainability of the systems

The use of metadata simplifies the updating process when going from one generation of technology to the next. MAG Integrations’ approach, relying on Magics’ tools, enables us to successfully make this transition without having to improve the original programming. Thus, we can provide you with upgrades in a simple and transparent manner.
MAG Integration has successfully implemented many migration projects. With each one of these projects, we gained an insight into the power and flexibility of an approach based on metadata and its capability to preserve the value of the existing technological investments.

Support for multi-OS- Mobility

Today all companies must foresee that their systems operate in a multi-platform environment. With the arrival of smartphones and tablets on the market, it is now possible to envisage total compatibility with these platforms. This evolution enables you to improve your competitiveness and remain at the forefront of new technology. From now on, you become accessible at any level regardless of the device used by your employees, partners and clients.