Mi stock inventory

Warehouse management system for distribution corporations

The Mi Stock Warehouse Management System solution is especially designed for manufacturing and distribution corporations that aim to increase the inventory accuracy and the shipping conformity.

The warehouse managers will be in position to optimize the operations and reduce the order fulfillment cycle time to deliver orders. It will improve the customer satisfaction and increase the shareholders value.

What are your issues? issues. issues? issues.

Inventory shortage

Waste of orders

Waste of productivity

Rising operation costs

Deficient location of the inventory

Receiving and shipping errors

Too many deletion of inventory

Lack of visibility over warehouse operations

Your goals

Improve the inventory control of the distribution centre
  • Receiving, labelling and a real-time inventory
  • Efficient transfer of items to other available locations
  • Inventory overview regardless the location
  • Improve the shipping accuracy
  • Optimize the picking
  • Register the item serial number to be shipped, if requested
  • Reduce the product and document handling
  • Integrate the inventory blocks for a better management
  • Optimize the information processing to identify the issue and to initiate corrective action

Your needs

Information availability
  • An accurate inventory control
  • Enhanced quality for shipping and transfer
  • A faster time operation
  • A lower inventory and losses at the end of the financial period
  • Access to the information for the production of report
  • A real-time inventory management
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The Mag Integration Team supports

your company through the analysis of your processes and the implementation of the solution and provides all the requested assistance to the users following the go live.

Mag Integration offers its expertise and food traceability management skills while meeting the customer’s requirements and needs.

Mi stock modules inventory

Possible connection to the existing applications – no need to replace your existing ERP

Help the inventory manager to ensure the
inventory integrity

Use Barcode technologies to ensure
error free

Evolve through a wifi environment or a
cellular network

Reduce the movement time in
the warehouse

Multi-users and multi-company
option available

Provide a modular and
bilingual system

Offer a Quick Return
on Investment

Optimize the inventory


450+ Satisfied clients

Since 1996, the customers have chosen to work with us for their implementation. Our team provides support and follow-up during the project and after the go live.

Mi stock modules inventory


Android, Windows
Research / product / location
Movement and adjustment
Receiving, shipping
Physical inventory


Product management
Bin location management
Real-time inventory transaction
Product and location labels
Movement / Location
Search and query
Physical inventory
Full physical Inventory count
Variable Alphanumeric product code
Barcode on documents and labels


Order import
Receiving and confirmation
Box / pallet labels
Confirmation document


Order preparation or transfer
Order import
Location and product picking
Product confirmation
‘’Ship to’’ by order
Packing slip
Bill of Lading
Shipping label


Order grouping
Reserved Inventory
Picking route


Assembly lot
Serial number registration