The Mi trace traceability management software allows manufacturing companies to efficiently manage the new quality and conformity standards of their industry and to ensure traceability, transformation, and identification and shipping operations. 

What are your issues? issues. issues? issues.

Manual monitoring for supplier lots

Slow-moving inventory

Low mobility of your team

Non-integrated labelling

Manual update of inventory

Laborious costing management

Deficient reports or indicators

Arduous management of peremption date

Cost variation of raw materials

Manual production traceability
(paper or excel)

Your goals and needs

Integrated traceability in operations
  • Enhanced production
  • Lower the impact on human resources
  • Better visibility of the operations
  • Traceability management integrated to operations
  • System capable of meeting the new customer’s requirements

Control the transformation costs
  • Better inventory management on site and out site
  • Better management of raw materials and suppliers
  • Increasing the level of confidence and satisfaction of the clients
  • Accessing to detailed operational management reports
  • Real-time inventory management
bla bla

The Mag Integration Team supports

your company through the analysis of your processes and the implementation of the solution and provides all the requested assistance to the users following the go live.

Mag Integration offers its expertise and traceability management skills while meeting the customer’s requirements and needs.

Mi trace manufacturing Advantages

Connected to the existing applications – no need to replace your existing accounting system

Integrate the scales and printers to optimize the packaging
and invoicing

Use mobile technology for real-time
collected data

Use the embedded barcode to improve
the date entry

Supply a clear identification and
reliable information

Provide a modular, bilingual
and scalable system

Offer a Quick
Return on Investment

the process

450+ Satisfied clients

Since 1996, the customers have chosen to work with us for their implementation. Our team provides support and follow-up during the project and after the go live.

Mi trace manufacturing Modules


Management and approval of suppliers
Purchase profile and purchase price history
Purchase order
Receiving, return
Raw material inventory
Inventory inquiry


Management of lot processing and lot production
Production steps management
Production date and lot ID management
Work Order with photo, specifications and instructions
Real time follow-up of production lot
Cost Management
Cost price


Raw materials and finished products managements
Inventory management by production date
Physical and cyclical accounts
Inventory by location
External warehouses management
Minimum Inventory control with alarm
Category of products


Customer profile management
Price lists
History of customer order
Order control (quantities, products)
Order preparation for shipping
Delivered and invoiced quantities
Profit management
Order and incomplete order management


Barcode on every document
Zero paper Management
Inventory label with barcode
Pallet Management
Excel export, screen and reports
Transaction log


Add-on Mi trace manufacturing


Employee ID
Worked hours by employee
Employee management by group
Production lot costing
Profitability report
Operation on Android device


Sales forecast
Creation of sales scenario
Planification of the production and the purchases
Calculation of requirement
Planified inventory


Check list of customized control for the receiving and the shipping (unlimited)
Check list of customized control for the production (unlimited)
Scheduled control
Template design (by product group)
List of scheduled tasks
Register of validations and controls


Inventory Consolidation
Loading Acceptance
Pallet import (inventory transfer)
Service Management ( processing / subcontracting)
Document Management for export (creation of customized document


Performance indicators (KPI)
Real time follow-up of critical data
Summary of relevant information


Production schedule
Multiple calendar views
Organization of shipping
Organization of receiving


Calling list
Customer profile and customer retention optimization
Follow-up management
Buying habits


Web and EDI Order import
EDI invoicing
Data transfer and extraction
Google Map integration (route scheduling, geolocation*)


Parts and consumable inventory
Inventory control
Purchasing (parts and raw material
Equipment list
Maintenance scheduling
Work order
History of activities
Maintenance report